Access specialist support to improve your communication

You may use us for once-off projects or become a strategic long-term partner.

Content strategy

Plan what you need to say to whom, how, and when, to achieve your business objective
Effective, audience-centric communication requires a strategic approach based on your audience needs, the context within which you are communicating, and the ideal way to reach your audience.

We help you optimise the time and effort you spend on your communication
Based on your audience(s), we help you develop a strategy to reach clients in the best possible way. We also develop strategic message frameworks for your audience(s) to ensure that regardless of how you choose to communicate with them, you can reduce rework and improve consistency.

How you benefit

  • Have peace of mind that you’re communicating where and how it really matters, even if you don’t have a big marketing budget
  • Leverage your investment in content across different audiences and channels
  • Be confident that the messaging and design support each other and reach who you need to reach

Plain language writing and editing

Create clear and accessible content that’s consistent and on-brand
We offer specialist expertise and proven plain language writing insights for traditional and online communication collateral. These insights are developed from usability testing and a team that has many years of marketing, brand and industry-specific experience.


What is plain language? Find out more >

We work according to your needs
We engage with what you wish to say and depending on your needs we:

  1. Develop new content for you, or
  2. Edit your existing content in plain language

How you benefit

  • Improve the readability of your content by making it impactful and easy to skim-read
  • Have peace of mind that you are meeting the legal requirement for plain language
  • Improve consistency, save time signing off content, and avoid subjective changes with a writers’ style guide

Graphic design

Enhance your message with visuals and smart information design
We believe information design is crucial for effective communication. Even if your words are clear and easy to understand, if the design doesn’t support the message and guide readers, they may not engage with it at all or miss the point. That’s why it’s important to blend content and design in a way that makes it easy for your audience to get the message.

We focus on the importance of function as much as form
This means we ask:

  • How do you make it look great?
  • How do you ensure that the design and packaging does justice to the content and reinforces this?
  • How do you make concepts easier to understand and remember with visuals and infographics?

How you benefit

  • Be confident that the visual elements support the overall message and tone of the content
  • Do justice to the quality of your content by packaging it in a way that is sensible, accessible and attractive
  • Enjoy the convenience of having one point of contact for both your content and design needs for improved efficiency and output

Usability testing

Get first-hand insights on the effectiveness of your communication
Usability testing clarifies whether your audience can understand and act on what you are saying. We gather first-hand insights to find out if a document achieves its business objective – whether it’s to educate, influence thinking, inspire a specific response, or a combination of these. Our usability testing experience informs our plain language expertise.

We test the readability and accessibility of content with a sample of your audience
The testing aims to answer questions like:

  • Is your communication being read?
  • Is it interesting?
  • Can your intended audience understand it and act on it?
  • Does the audience’s language proficiency and preference play a role in their understanding?

How you benefit

  • Improve the return on your investment in your communication
  • Reduce error rates, legal risks and inefficiencies related to incomplete or incorrect application forms and contracts
  • Get fresh insights about your audience and how your brand is perceived

Plain language training

Equip your team with practical plain language skills
We offer interactive workshops that will help anyone who is responsible for internal and external communication through the transfer of knowledge and practical skills. This includes staff responsible for developing client communication as well as anyone who needs to draft or approve emails and letters to clients, suppliers and staff.

We can customise the workshop to meet your needs
We will tailor the workshop to meet your needs and ensure that your team walks away with the skills they need to embed plain language in your business.

How you benefit

  • Improve the readability of your communication for better client engagement and understanding – read more about the benefits of plain language >
  • Improve the efficiency of your internal processes by reducing time spent on drafting and signing off content
  • Build better relationships internally by improving communication within your team